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About Samitech

M/S Samitech Electronics Pvt. Ltd (SEPL) is a flag ship Company of National Products (NP ) Group a very trusted name in soldering solution since 1986. The group was promoted by Mr. S.K.Gupta a visionary in market analysis with his management & financial back ground. M/S SEPL is a comprehensive enterprise engaged in manufacturing , research in the field of EMS solution , LED lighting products & also in the field solder & its allied products. The SEPL is equipped with SIEMENS state of the art manufacturing facility engaged in contract manufacturing jobs (SMT & PTH) of PCB assemblies for OEMs in India. Our customers are from Telecommunication, Consumer Electronics, Automobile, IT industries, Power Electronics, Instrumentation and Energy Meters Manufacturing Industry.

With an experienced team of technicians, engineers & managerial members also prominent ability of R&D , strict production control and quality system to day M/S SEPL is moving shoulder to shoulder with its business partners as their integral part. M/S SEPL is a ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. M/S SEPL ‘s newly developed LED lighting division is engaged in big way in the development of energy saving , environmentally- friendly , durable products at very competitive price.M/S SEPL always try to its best to meet & exceed your expectation .

M/S SEPL always pursue a policy that is likely to lead to a win win situation & mutual benefit.Our Green Lighting solution is strictly keeping view of saving the mother earth from the pollution. While developing the products we keep in view the three vital points ENERGY SAVING ; OPERATING COST REDUCTION & EFFECTIVE ILLUMINATION. We shall be more competitive compared to our competitors in the following areas: Commercial Establishments, Malls & Showrooms, Domestic Application , Factories, Hotels. Decorative Lightings, Gardens & God owns, Street Lightings etc.